Product/Services Photography

From windows to croissants and cigars to buses; Product Photography for Businesses big and small.


Professional Product Photographs

Product photography is essential to show the world what you have to sell. An investment in good photographs can help elevate your business to the next level and really show off the quality of your goods or services. Product photographs can be taken in a mobile studio, that can be bought to your workplace, or in a photography studio, depending on your products. The shots can be taken with simple backgrounds (white/black/grey) or they can be taken in situ, to demonstrate the product and give the product a suitable context.

I work with clients to produce a photographic look which is in sync with their brand and products. Each shoot is tailor-made for your business so feel free to enquire with your business to see what I suggest for shoot ideas. I only charge for my time when photographing, so if you’d like to chat over a coffee or on the phone about what I can do for you then get in touch.


Professional Services Photography

Commission photographs of your professional service and tell your story. I’ve previously worked with Schools and Universities to deliver images of their services, as well as numerous PR companies and their clients to showcase their work through photography. Photographs can be commissioned on a single shoot basis or an ongoing contract for when events/services are delivered. Contact me to find out more.

Have a look at some of the case studies below to find out more.