Sussex Landscape Photography

Camera on Tripod landscape photography

I’m a Sussex landscape and commercial photographer living in London. I specialise in shooting landscape photography and wedding photography, but I’m available for a variety of different photographic services, including headshot photography, event photography and commercial/corporate photography.

Sussex Landscape Photography

The alarm goes off either around 2.00-3.00am in the summer or around 5.30am in the winter when going to out to capture landscape photography in Sussex. I get up, throw on lots of layers of clothing (even in those summer mornings can be a bit chilly), grab the camera, filters, tripod and maps and set out for a morning of landscape photography. I generally take landscape photographs in the early morning as that’s one of the best times to photograph because the light is gorgeous, plus I usually get home with enough time to then have the full working day to process the images and catch up on my other professional photography services. I do also shoot at sunset a lot too, capturing the sun going down over the English Channel in the winter and the light on the South Downs in golden hour.

I’ve been doing a tour of Sussex over the past few years, shooting landscape photographs at different locations, as well as surveying the locations for future shoots in different seasons and at different times of day. I enjoy climbing the hills of the South Downs in the early hours or relaxing in the morning breeze by the coast waiting in magic hour for the sunrise.

Planning landscape photography shoots is pretty meticulous, checking the tide times and sun movements for the day, as well as browsing maps, satellite imagery and local walking websites to reconnoitre the location. I’m always looking to improve, and I make notes whilst shooting and then write these up for the blog which is packed with helpful tips on landscape photography and pretty useful if you’re looking for photos of certain walks in the Sussex area.

Lancing Bather's Beach - Groyne

About Me

I’ve been photographing professionally for over 10 years, from being a budding college student, going through Brighton University and getting my BA in Editorial Photography to being a freelance photographer in Sussex. I also work as an event, portrait and commercial photographer for clients in London, Surrey, Essex, Kent and throughout the South East of England. I also spend some of my time tutoring photography at BACA, Sutton College, and CALAT.

I also like relaxing on Sundays (after shooting a full day of wedding photography on the Saturday) or climbing hills and in the countryside, taking snaps of the rolling landscape as I go. I also love cooking – mostly vegetarian food – as well as real ale and craft beer, a good bottle of wine (preferably Côtes du Rhône, but usually my wife wants to drink Sauvignon Blanc), Kayaking, Bouldering, Camping with friends, LBC radio, Tim Vine’s hilarious one liners, COFFEE, bike rides in the countryside, history books, trying my best not to be a hipster, Scandinavian crime dramas, reading Private Eye, Game of Thrones (the books and TV show), 80s/90s music and a really good book. We also have three gerbils called Maverick, Goose and Ice Man (obviously).

Anything else you want to know, drop me an email!

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