Build a Free Website Portfolio with WordPress


An Online WordPress Website Design Course.

Note: This is for people who have never used WordPress before and are at a beginner level. Existing users of WordPress are welcome but do bear in mind we’ll be covering the basics.

Various dates

WordPress is one of the most versatile website building platforms, supporting over 35% of websites on the internet. WordPress offers loads of free design templates to help you build your website in just a few hours, and it’s FREE to get started!

This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, and anyone keen on mastering the intricacies of website creation using WordPress. Over the span of two days, participants will delve into essential topics including applying captivating designs with templates, seamlessly adding content, images, and videos, structuring websites for optimal navigation, integrating contact forms and maps, leveraging widgets for social networking, analyzing website traffic, and acquiring a personal domain name. Through a combination of instructional modules and hands-on exercises, attendees will develop a comprehensive skill set, enabling them to proficiently design, manage, and optimize their own dynamic WordPress websites by the course’s conclusion.

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