Coastguard Cottages Landscape Photography – Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters

Coastguard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven III

Landscape photography of the iconic coastguard cottages in front of the Seven Sisters at Cuckmere Haven this morning. I’ve photographed this location several different times, and it always feels very dramatic and interesting due to the slight changes in weather and light conditions. Not quite a sunrise this morning, as the clouds blocked the initial light at daybreak, but it wasn’t long to wait for the sun to peek over the clouds and bathe the landscape in dramatic light.

I’ve not seen this particular angle before, as it’s off the main path, but I bumped into another photographer and we discussed different locations and ideas and I joined in on this composition. I prefer working with my telephoto lens to compress the landscape, and bring the cliffs closer using the focal length.

My favourite shot from the landscape shoot of the coast guard cottages, I came back to my favourite composition of this place, and the angle of light at this time of year creates some great contrast on the cliff face of the Seven Sisters. Using the coral filter and 0.6ND grad filter really helped balance out the exposure.

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