Firle Beacon Landscape Photography

Firle Beacon, Firle, East Sussex

Landscape photography at Firle Beacon is an activity I try to do at least once a year. The landscape always look different depending on the season and the weather, and I’ve been very lucky each time I’ve photographed Firle Beacon. After a stunning shoot at Firle Beacon yesterday (above), I thought I’d put together a blog post to show you my various shots of this iconic South Downs viewpoint over the past few years.

On my first visit to Firle Beacon, back in August 2015, I had a good wander around and found a slope to the west of the main beacon that overlooks the unique slopes of the South Downs for this composition. You’ll notice I’ve revisited this particular composition over the years from the most recent shot above. The sunrise was slightly blocked by the clouds on my first shoot, so I knew I’d be coming back for another go!

April 2016, A visit slightly west of Firle Beacon, up Beddingham Hill. I was unsure on what composition I wanted, but I was blown away by the misty conditions in the morning when I arrived and I’d started to experiment with panoramic shots, so I focused on capturing the amazing colours of the sunrise and blanket of mist under the South Downs.

May 2016, a month later than the shot above. Back to my favourite composition and a clean sky for a perfect sunrise over Firle Beacon. Again, my experimentation with panoramic shots means this shot has a slightly different aspect ratio.

I wanted to focus on the light across these ridges at Firle Beacon and mix up my composition style here.

Firle Beacon, Firle, East Sussex

And finally back, to my latest photoshoot, August 2019. Timing was everything in these shots as a passing blanket of cloud just after sunrise meant a small window of opportunity where the sun would hit the hills in the right way. In this shot I found that the sun was slightly too strong and distracts from the landscape, but the best shot was when the sun was just passing back behind the cloud, to create a pocket of light over the hills, below:

Firle Beacon, Firle, East Sussex
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