Halnaker Tree Tunnel Landscape Photography

Halnaker Footpath II
The Path to Halnaker Windmill I, Halnaker, West Sussex

I’ve been waiting to take a landscape photograph of the Halnaker tree tunnel for almost a year now. I’ve had some trouble this month with unfortunately breaking my wonderful 70-200mm lens and I finally received my replacement yesterday and the forecast looked reasonable and I’ve been itching to get out and shoot some autumn colours.

I’ve visited the location a couple of times, but thought it would probably look best in autumn, with some beautiful colour in the leaves still on the trees and in the fallen leaves on the ground. I was hoping for some hard sunlight to permeate through the trees above, but even with the cloud cover this morning, the tree tunnel path leading up to Halnaker windmill had a splendid pattern of chiaroscuro created by the soft light along the track. Here are two different compositions, one central and another based on the rule of thirds. Adding a bit of warmth with the white balance really helped lift the picture along with some minor editing of contrast and tones for the optimal photograph. I loved the circular lines of the tunnel falling in line with the golden ratio but I’m really torn on which composition I prefer.

The Path to Halnaker Windmill II, Halnaker, West Sussex

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