Professional Headshot Photographer in London & Sussex

Corporate Headshot Photography – London, Sussex, Surrey and the South East

Professional business headshot photography services in London and across the South east, including Sussex, Surrey, Kent and beyond! Headshot photography can be booked for individual and corporate clients.

Headshot photographer in London

Professionals and Businesses

Commission your own professional headshot portrait for your CV, LinkedIn profile, other social media profiles, such as Twitter and facebook, your website, conference publications, PR and much more. I work as a headshot photographer in London and across Sussex, Surrey and Kent for a variety of new and returning corporate clients. We’ll work together to first discuss the look or style of the headshot based on your profession and style. We’ll work together to get a few shots for proofing and then you select the right shot for you. The photo-shoot can be done at your home, workplace or a location of your choice using a mobile studio. We can also shoot both inside and outside for different styles of photo and what you think would work best for you.

Headshot Photography Prices

Headshot photography pricing depends on the amount of people that require shots and whether it is for one individual, a small group of a medium/large company.

For individual headshot photography portraits, if it’s just one headshot you require, I can do them either at my home in South London or I can travel to you and charge between £100 for the shoot depending on the location.

Syzygy Headshot Photographs, Lacon House, London

For corporate headshot photography, I charge £300.00 for two hours of headshot photography in London or elsewhere (A small travel fee may be applicable) or £400.00 for three hours of headshot photography. A team of ten people can usually be photographed in two hours, larger teams of 15-20 can take around three hours. For jobs of more than three hours, I charge an additional £100.00 per hour.

It will depend on your team’s schedules in terms of how many hours I’m needed for, so let me know how many people you’d need headshot photographs for and I can give you an accurate quote.

If you’d like to book a shoot, or make an initial enquiry into headshot photography, contact me with your requirements and we’ll set up a shoot very soon!

Jane Fletcher, Aldridge Foundation CEO, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

London Headshot Photography – Headshots for Businesses

Professional corporate headshot photography of your team. Headshot photography can be done at your office in London or further afield with a mobile photography studio that is easy to set up in most office space breakout areas or meeting rooms. Each team member can be photographed individually in order to minimise disruption to the running of the business. The shoot usually works best indoors, you can have a plain white, black or grey background or I can hire a background of whatever colour you would like, if you you would like the background colour to be ‘on brand’.

You can also use the office environment or another location if you’d prefer to have a more natural background. The office environment, or logo branding is popular choice, or you can even have your headshots taken outside if the weather is favourable and you’d prefer natural lighting. The posing and lighting set up of the headshot photographs can produce a very different style, which means that the photographs can be as formal or informal as you wish.

Case Study – Headshot and PR Photography

Here’s an example of typical headshot photography for a Public Relations company in London, Babel PR. They had a team of 16 people (not all pictured) that were photographed within two and a half hours. We also shot a corporate team photo, or them chatting and enjoying the sunshine on the office roof terrace and they also had an additional half hour of shooting around the office for some natural photos showing the team at work. You can view the portrait format shots they selected for the website here: and the shots below were taken in landscape format.

Here’s a selection of some of the additional PR photographs we took around the office, including the group photograph of the team on their roof terrace. You can combine your headshot photography shoot together with this kind of PR reportage photography to showcase your business operation.

London Headshot Photography – Product and Details

Headshot photographs will be shot, edited and delivered with a license for 5 years. Photographs are licensed for the company/individuals to use for a limited time period and copyright of the images is retained by the photographer.

Your license will cover the following:   Media Usage/period of use/territory: Internal Use & PR, Press & Social Media distribution for 5 years only, worldwide. Digital Files delivered via SSL secured, password-protected website gallery.  

After 5 years, it would be presumed that you’d probably all need an updated set of headshots, so you can either rebook and get new headshots, or you can re-license the images for further use, depending on how long and for what purpose you wish to use them. If you’d like to negotiate a longer period of use initially, just let me know how long you’d like the license to be issued for and I can calculate the additional charge for you.

Corporate Team Photography

A good corporate team photograph helps communicate your brand to your customers. Clients and customers want to see that you’re a friendly, but professional and talented group who excel and what you do. A professional team photograph is a great cover shot for your website or social media profiles, and helps customers understand who you are, before they’ve even met you!

Group photographs can be taken as well as individual headshots and you can combine the shoot with corporate PR photographs of products or services you offer. If your website is your shop front, then photography is certainly the windows! So if you need particular photographs for your website or upcoming events, this is a great way to reduce the cost and maximise the use of a photographer. Some clients have had a mix of corporate headshot and event photography as part of a single shoot, so be creative with your needs, I’m happy to shoot whatever you put in front of me with creativity and professional lighting equipment where necessary. If you need headshot, corporate or PR photography of you, your team, or anything else, contact me to discuss your requirements.

What else do you need to know?

A few things you’ll need to know in preparation for a shoot for headshot photographs at your office.

Working area

It’s ideal for me to have a space at least around 10ft x 10ft to work in, so if you have a meeting/board room, or something similar for me to work in at your office that would be ideal. If not, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll figure out a way of doing the shots, but please bear in mind I will need some kind of space to work in.  I will need a wall to work against to support the backdrop too. It might be a case of me just occupying someones office cubicle or something but I’m sure we can arrange things when I get there. There will be flashing lights from the studio lights, which are obviously distracting so a private room is ideal.  

If you think this is really going to be a problem, then perhaps we’ll need to look at hiring a separate space to do the shoot in, though this would mean that all your team would have to attend at the same time. It is ideal to do it at your office, so there is minimal disruption to your businesses other priorities.  

The work area should be somewhere fairly private as people can feel quite self conscious if others are watching them have their photo taken. Equally, being alone with the photographer can feel a bit intimidating so sometimes it’s helpful to have another colleague there to help distract them, cheer them up and help them feel relaxed whilst being photographed.

I will of course help people feel calm and relaxed in front of the camera, and if people feel nervous, I will work with them to try out a couple of techniques to help relax in front of the camera. If there’s someone else there, we can usually get ‘happier’, more spontaneous shots, if that’s the kind of thing you’d like. I can discuss in more detail with you when we consult, so get in touch to enquire about headshot photography.

Choose your background…

Do you have any preference on backdrop? There is a white, grey or black or we can use a wall in your office if you’d prefer? If you’d like something maybe a bit more colourful, let me know and I can look at hiring a backdrop colour roll for you. You can also use the office environment or another location if you’d prefer to have a more natural background. 

Shooting schedule

It would also be very helpful to have a member of your team for a bit longer than the rest at first, in order to test the lighting with and make sure you’re happy with my set up. Of course, it might be easiest if this is yourself, but feel free to nominate any member of your team for this. I aim to arrive around 30 minutes beforehand in order to set up, so if the room is available beforehand that is very helpful. I’m sure your team are already well prepared for the shoot, but if you’re looking to save time with me literally shooting them as quickly as possible so I’m not disrupting your work, if you could just remind them, or even give them a rough order or schedule of who is being photographed when (assuming I’d need about 5-10 minutes with each team member) then that means they can do some last minute vanity touch ups before they’re due to be photographed, adjusting hair, make up, hair gel etc… I can always retouch the images to remove blemishes, but I can’t make someone who’s just got out of bed look like a supermodel! I hope that makes sense, I’m sure all your team are absolutely stunning but everyone gets a bit nervous when having their photograph taken, which is quite normal. If we have an order for the day, this just helps people get ready when they know their shoot is coming up.  

Proofing & Post-production

I will ask each member of the team to run through the photos on the camera and select their favourite two or three images. These will then be retouched lightly to ensure the best exposure, contrast & composition. Some minor retouches can be added at the subjects request (i.e. spot removal) either at the time of shooting or after receiving the initial photos. If someone does want further retouching done then this is available on request.

Contact me to discuss your requirements