Hastings Beach Landscape Photography

Hastings Beach I
Hastings Beach I, East Sussex

I began this landscape photography shoot at Hastings beach in the magic hour before sunrise. I recently lost my satchel of filters to help balance my exposure, so I was left to try out some HDR photography instead. I don’t like HDR photography as it seems to absorb some of the quality of the light in landscape photography, but then using graduated filters sometimes bleeds across unwanted areas in my shots too. In any case, I couldn’t miss out on capturing this stunning colour in the clouds above Hastings beach.

Hastings Beach III, East Sussex

Focal length in landscape photography is incredible. This is from exactly the same position as the shot above (shot at 24mm) and this shot is using my 200mm lens. I loved the simple shape of the cliffs here but may need to come back in two weeks to shoot the sunset once it starts to rise just to the left of the cliffs.

Fishing Boats, Hastings Beach, East Sussex

A low angle on these fishing boats created a simple composition and avoided getting the busy seafront town in the background. I hoped that the light would create more contrast in the shot, but the clouds had other ideas.

Oast House, Udimore, East Sussex

As part of my collection of shots across Sussex, I’ve been looking for a good shot of an oast house in East Sussex. This one sits just outside Udimore, just north of Rye. It’s the best one I’ve found so far, but I’m still hunting for the perfect shot of an oast house in the East Sussex countryside.

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