Cissbury Ring Landscape Photography

Looking West from Cissbury Ring I

Looking West from Cissbury Ring

An autumn sunrise over the fields towards Shoreham and Brighton. A thick layer of cloud on the horizon worked as a diffuser to capture the sun as it rose over these fields. You can see the towers of Brighton and Shoreham in the distance. A Lee Coral ND filter was used on the base to balance the colour on the lower half of the shot.

Looking-South from Cissbury Ring I

I wanted this shot to be better than it ended up. The leading line of the fence didn’t work as well as I thought it would. The next shot worked so much better, the extra height makes all the difference.

Looking South from Cissbury Ring II

I love the autumn colours in these landscape photographs, November is the best month for capturing those strong reds and yellows, but you’ve got to move quickly as one windy day will take most of them off the trees!

Autumn Trees on the Downs – Cissbury Ring I

Using a telephoto to capture some of the details in these landscapes. I’m torn between these two images, as I can’t decide which composition I prefer.

Autumn Trees on the Downs – Cissbury Ring II

Findon Village

On he way home, I stopped by a quaint little village near Worthing. Findon is tucked away just off the A24. It’s quite historic, with a 16th century pub and traditional butchers opposite in the village centre. This was a well timed shot to not catch any of the morning rush hour traffic and kids/parents walking to school.

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