Chichester Harbour Landscape Photography

Chichester Harbour at Sunrise II
Chichester Harbour at Sunrise I, Chichester, West Sussex

Today’s photoshoot had a promising start for some Chichester Harbour landscape photography near the village of Bosham in West Sussex. The forecast was for clear skies on a cold February morning and the cold actually helped freeze some of the thick mud on the banks of Chichester harbour. The sunrise was amazing (but it would have been nice to have a little more cloud) and the light on the water created a beautifully warm atmosphere in the freezing temperature.

Chichester Harbour, Chichester, West Sussex
Bosham From Chichester Harbour I, Chichester, West Sussex

Looking towards the North from my viewpoint near Chidham, the village of Bosham looked wonderful reflected on the water of the harbour and a long lens and polariser was used to capture the boats in the foreground against the backdrop of the village and the south downs rising above behind (You can even see Goodwood if you look hard enough!).

Bosham From Chichester Harbour II, Chichester, West Sussex
Chichester Canal I, Chichester, West Sussex

To finish off this landscape photography shoot, I headed into Chichester for a short walk along the canal to capture some more reflections. Chichester Cathedral is on my shot list but it’s being repaired at the moment and covered in a lot of scaffolding. I’m hoping to capture the cathedral in the summer but in the meantime, it was a nice surprise to capture it’d reflection along the canal.

Chichester Canal II, Chichester, West Sussex
Chichester Canal III, Chichester, West Sussex

The light on the canal was amazing, but the canal itself was lacking any boats (I’m guessing it gets a bit cold in winter to take out the canal boats) so I was disappointed to not capture any canal boats. Nevertheless, there were plenty of ducks for on the water and I loved the light passing through the trees onto the water in the shot above.

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