Devil’s Dyke Landscape Photography

Devils Dyke II
Devils Dyke, Brighton East Sussex

A pleasant sunrise over the South Downs at Devil’s Dyke for some landscape photography. Some fickle weather this morning meant I really did not know what was going to happen. Some mist and fog in Mid Sussex got me excited about the prospect of some rolling mist at Devil’s Dyke, but alas, the mist didn’t reach the South Downs today. But with relatively clear skies and a bit of wind to bring some clouds in gave it a nice sunrise to start off with.

Devils Dyke, Brighton East Sussex

I do struggle with landscape photography when the sun is directly into the lens, and although I love the light on the land in the foreground, I dislike the way the sun floods into the shot, and find it a bit distracting.

Devils Dyke, Brighton East Sussex

This shot uses a 4 minute exposure to blur the cloud movement and create a different kind of atmosphere to the image. I actually feel I overexposed this landscape a bit too much and would prefer it a stop darker.

Devils Dyke, Brighton East Sussex

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