Telscombe Cliffs Landscape Photography

Telscombe Cliffs III
Telscombe Cliffs I, East Sussex

A very windy landscape photography shoot on the beach underneath the Telscombe Cliffs at low tide yesterday. The chalky shallows, covered with seaweed act as a buffer against the strong waves that were pounding the shore just behind me. The landscape totally changed when I started using the Lee Big Stopper ND filter to extend the exposure time to around 60 seconds, calming the water and creating contrasting textures in the tide, rocks and cliffs.

Telscombe Cliffs II, East Sussex
Telscombe Cliffs III, East Sussex

As the light started to change, and more cloud rolled in, I just managed to catch the beginning of golden hour on the cliffs on way back to the car. The wind kept changing the weather conditions, and I got hit by a couple of showers of rain during the shoot, but this was advantageous to my final shot as the cloud created a lot of drama in the evening light.

Telscombe Cliffs IV, East Sussex

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