High & Over, Cuckmere River and Alfriston

Sunrise over Cuckmere Valley from High and Over

A few landscape photographs taken in late October in the Alfriston area. Beautiful light conditions started the shoot off nicely and the small amount of cloud visible in the first few shots had totally dissipated after an hour or so. I’ve included a contact sheet at the bottom so you can see the full shoot as well as the selected landscape photographs.

SunriseĀ over Cuckmere Valley from High and Over

Cuckmere River at Sunrise – Portrait Orientation

Cuckmere River near Alfriston

I wish these cows had been closer in the shot. The small tributary of the Cuckmere river lent itself well to leading the eye through the photograph, but a couple of cows in the foreground would have really improved this landscape.

The Star Inn Alfriston

Balancing exposure here was difficult, despite using a grad filter for the sky. There were also a few yellow traffic cones on the single yellow line that needed moving before I took the shot.

Alfriston Village

Timing was everything to avoid getting any morning commuters passing through the village on their way up to the A27.

Alfriston High Street

Alfriston Clergy House and Alfriston Church

I stumbled across the view of the church and clergy house by accident whilst just circulating around the church to decide on the composition. Having the two landmarks in one shot was a stroke of luck.

The Long Man Brewery and St Michael the Archangel Church – Litlington

Litlington has the most beautiful little pub, with great food and a cosy atmosphere. All the walkers leave their muddy shoes outside before resting up for a pint in their socks. The pub didn’t really lend itself well to a landscape photograph as it’s set away from the road a little. On entering Litlington from the North, you reach the Long Man Brewery and this view of the church and an adjoining flint cottage and outbuildings. It’s blissfully historic, with only a couple of telltale signs of modern life.


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