Landscape Photography Workshop – Brighton Seafront

Starling Murmuration at Sunset I
Brighton Pier Before Sunrise, East Sussex

Landscape photographs that I shot as part of our RPS Landscape Photography workshop in January. This was an all day landscape photography workshop, from sunrise to sunset on the Brighton seafront in winter light. Our opening shots of sunrise were at Brighton Palace Pier, experimenting with slow shutter speeds and the pending of the fierce waves hitting the shore.

Brighton Seafront, East Sussex
West Pier Struts I, East Sussex

It was a fairly mild January day, and we had mixed sunlight bursts through the light cloud cover. We experimented using ND filters to reduce light and increase exposure time. I like this abstract shot of the West Pier Struts using a long exposure to further abstract the composition.

Brighton Seafront, East Sussex
Hove Beach Huts, East Sussex

We also had a play around with long focal lengths to capture the Hove Beach Huts. The sunlight really brings out the colour, and the long exposure meant that the clouds were really soft and anyone who walked through the shot wasn’t picked up on the camera sensor, due to the slow shutter speed.

Brighton Pier in afternoon light, East Sussex

I rarely shoot HDR images as many of you know, but this shot seemed to be the best technique to use with the strong light in the background. A lot of care and attention was paid to avoid any halos or strange post processing techniques in the HDR image above.

Brighton Seafront, East Sussex

I’ve never done any intentional camera movement in this way, but felt inspired to try something different as a new technique in this landscape photography workshop. I thought the lines of the pier structure worked well for this technique.

Brighton Seafront, East Sussex

Finally, as anticipated, we finished the workshop with a mesmerising starling murmuration. The sunset was also a beautiful stroke of luck for the end of our landscape photography workshop in Brighton. I love how the light catches the starling’s wings, giving the shot another sense of form and shape in the mindbending pattern of starlings.

Brighton Seafront, East Sussex
Brighton Seafront, East Sussex

Click here for more information about landscape photography workshops I’m running in Sussex in the next few months.

Check the RPS website for full details of landscape photography workshops across the UK.

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