Littlehampton Beach Landscape Photography

Littlehampton Beach I, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Landscape photography at Littlehampton on the beach and pier. I’d visited Littlehampton a couple of years ago in strong daylight to experiment with long exposures and black and white photography. I wasn’t very happy with the results, and they haven’t aged well over time, so I thought I’d have another go at some landscape photographs in the early morning, capturing this sunrise over the wooden groynes lined up neatly along the beach.

Littlehampton Beach II, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Using long exposures again, I was able to calm the waves into a smooth surface of water/mist to isolate the groynes compositionally.

Littlehampton Pier I, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Littlehampton Pier is relatively small, a short wooden walkway with a few benches for relaxing by the seaside. I love the wooden planks leading the eye up towards the end of the pier and the negative space in the sky area created by using the rule of thirds.

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