Bodiam Castle Landscape Photography – Autumn

Bodiam Castle at Sunrise II

Arriving at the Bodiam castle at around 7.00am, around half an hour before sunrise, the sleeping giant of the castle stood in eerie silence, then broken by the flutter of ducks on the water. Taking photographs of such a beautiful building may seem quite easy, but it’s quite difficult to choose a composition, and professional landscape photographers will agonise over such small details, like trying to place the subject in the frame without any foliage touching the building or it’s reflection.

The second shot, taken straight down the middle, using leading lines to draw the viewer toward the castle.


Getting as low as possible, close to the waters edge, it felt like a good time to use the Lee big stopper – a 10 stop Neutral Density filter to really slow down the exposure. If you look closely, you can see the small shapes of ducks caught in the four minute exposure time.


Another go with the big stopper, this time from the side, where the light was hitting the castle. This two minute exposure still had some interference from the ducks, but they were less visible this time. A polariser really helped bring out the colours in these shots.

The last shot of the morning, the River Rother, with a bridge running over it in Bodiam, illuminated directly by the morning sun. I’ve included the contact sheet of there full shoot below:

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