Telscombe – South Downs Landscape Photography Interview in NowPhotographer

Fields near Telscombe Sussex

I’ve had an article published on featuring one of my favourite images taken at Telscombe in the Ouse Valley a few of years ago.

Scroll down to see a few excerpts…

“This shot was taken in April 2016, at around 6.00am, next to a country lane near Telscombe village in East Sussex, just north east of Brighton. The weather conditions were quite cold, but mild and I had been looking for some rising spring mist from the frosty start to create an atmosphere in my photograph that morning.”

The South Downs in the distance are part of the Ouse valley, an area I had been photographing for a while, and my primary goal was to find a location that overlooked this valley from a new perspective. I arrived around 30 minutes before magic hour, to scope out the location and find my composition. Using different focal lengths, I shot a couple of warmer pictures before the sunrise, when the sky had a stronger hue of orange.

As the sun rose further, just behind the hills, some blues started to show in the sky, so I used a wider angle and some careful positioning of the tree in the foreground to capture this photograph. I really like the tones of blue and green in the sky and hills, and the layer of light frost on the ground gave the hills some rich pastel colours. I was surprised and grateful to find this track in the field just next to the road that created the strong, meandering leading line through the photograph.

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