West Wittering & East Head Landscape Photography

West Wittering at Dusk
West Wittering Beach, East Head, Chichester, West Sussex

A cloudy day for landscape photography at West Wittering beach and East Head peninsula near Chichester on the West Sussex coast. Small pockets of light poking through the clouds created interesting textures on the low tide and wet sand in these landscape photographs.

Using long exposures on these photographs of a groyne in the bay towards Portsmouth created ethereal textures in the water and a nice highlight of sunlight gave these images just a little contrast on the water.

At the end of the shoot as the transition began between dusk and blue hour, the clouds shifted slightly to show more of the sky and the moon highlighted this photograph of the moving clouds over the vast wet sand. The reflections of the light and colour in the sand made for an abstract landscape with muted colours and a silvery gloss over the land.

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