Worthing Pier Landscape Photography

Worthing Pier at Sunrise I
Worthing Pier at Dawn, Worthing West Sussex

Another early morning of landscape photography, this time at Worthing Pier in December. A mixed weather forecast meant that I was unsure what light we would have at Sunrise and the tide was coming in not out. I felt lucky when I arrived to find relatively clear skies, apart from clouds on the horizon, and this rocky groyne near the pier added a good amount of foreground interest to my composition. As the tide was coming in, I had to time the shot well, and keep jumping out of the way to stop my feet getting wet!

Worthing Pier at Sunrise I, Worthing West Sussex

A few minutes after sunrise, the sun finally started to appear through the clouds on the horizon. These shots were taken from the promenade and the top photo used the Lee big stopper filter to increase the exposure time to four minutes and blend the beautiful pinks in the clouds and calm the rough sea.

Worthing Pier at Sunrise II, Worthing West Sussex
Worthing Dome Cinema, Worthing, West Sussex

Finally, I had to get a shot of the Worthing Dome Cinema as one of my shots for my upcoming book on Sussex photography.

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