Beachy Head Landscape Photography

Beachy Head at Sunset III
Belle Tout Lighthouse & Seaford Head, East Sussex

Beachy Head is a great location for landscape photography. There are many options for landscape compositions around the white cliffs near the Seven Sisters but I was keen to get a shot of the lighthouse and the sheer cliff face around Beachy Head. Whilst waiting for the sunset, I used my 200mm lens to capture the Belle Tout lighthouse and Seaford Head along the coast line in the evening light. Look closely, and you can see Newhaven and Brighton in these shots.

Seaford Head and the South Coast, East Sussex
Beachy Head at Sunset II, Eastbourne, East Sussex

I realised that I’m taking this shot about a month too late. This was an incredibly dangerous shot, taken right at the edge of the cliff, which made moving around for a composition a trepidatious business. I wanted the light to fall in the right place, but it’s a shame that the sun was just setting behind the cliff and I wanted it to be just in front to highlight the texture of the cliff. Nevertheless, I’m happy with these two shots, and the one below uses the Big Stopper filter to change the texture of the sea to a smooth, calm surface and give the shot a timelessness.

Beachy Head at Sunset III, Eastbourne, East Sussex

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