Brighton i360, Bandstand and Grand Hotel

I Tower and Brighton Seafront

Some landscape photography of the Brighton Seafront. I’ve visited this area a lot as a photographer and it was interesting to come back to it again on a Sunday morning. They’re a few revellers left over from their Saturday night, continuing there partying into the early hours of Sunday, but other than that it’s relatively peaceful, with some light wind and strong waves breaking on the shore.

Brighton Bandstand I

These shots of Brighton bandstand were taken in magic hour with the lights still illuminating the beautiful art deco structure.

Brighton Bandstand II

I360 Tower and Brighton Seafront

Cloudy weather can create really interesting effects in landscape photography. You never know quite what will happen when sunrise actually happens. This sunrise just poked through the small layer of cloud, creating a great reflection on the texture of the sea. A slow shutter speed creates an eerie sense of movement in the water.

Grand Hotel Brighton I

The Brighton Grand Hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in the UK. The balconies are absolutely beautiful and the building has just been recently restored. I couldn’t decide if I preferred to fill the frame with the facade of the building or just have a shot of the entire building. The morning sunlight came through just a bit to illuminate the building in golden hour light.

Grand Hotel Brighton II

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