Berwick & The South Downs – Landscape Photography

Fields around Berwick II
Fields Around Berwick I, East Sussex

Landscape photography of the surrounding South Downs near the village of Berwick in East Sussex. My shoot began by trekking from the Bo Peep car park on the South Downs down to this field near the church at Berwick. The magic hour produced some amazing colours in the sky and as the sun rose in the sky, a rising mist developed for my second photograph below.

Fields Around Berwick II, East Sussex

The sunlight and mist created an amazing atmosphere, and I stumbled across these contours near the footpath back to the carpark. I loved the sweeping lines from these recently ploughed spring fields.

Sweeping Fields Near Berwick, East Sussex
Slopes Near Berwick, East Sussex

Another field looked pretty amazing from above on the South Downs. I used my 70-200mm telephoto lens to compress the landscape and concentrate on the lines and pattern of the field. I feel like I want to revisit this area at sunset and in about a months time when the crops have come up a bit higher as the landscape changes.

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