Herstmonceux Castle Landscape Photography

Herstmonceux Castle II

A few landscape photographs taken on the way back from my photoshoot on a frosty morning in Bexhill. These landscape photographs were taken after sunrise at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex

Herstmonceux Castle I, East Sussex

A classic central composition here, using the leading lines of the long drawbridge to lead the eye up to the building. A low angle really helps here.

Herstmonceux Castle II, East Sussex

One of my favourite shots from this landscape photography shoot. I was careful to try and place the reflection in exactly the right place for this shot. I love the way the light just catches one of the windows to give the image a small sparkle.

Herstmonceux Castle III, East Sussex

To the side of the castle a small jetty has been built, probably for fishing, but it served a great purpose of being able to get really low on the water for these reflection shots.

Herstmonceux Castle VI, East Sussex

As I mentioned before, the drawbridge up to the castle entrance is really long! I used a telephoto lens here to focus on the reflections of the arches in the water.

Herstmonceux Castle – Panoramic, East Sussex

Finally, I decided to finish the shoot off with a large panoramic landscape photograph of Herstmonceux castle, to include the bridge and the expanse of the moat.

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