Steyning Bowl Landscape Photography

Steyning Bowl III
South Downs from Steyning Bowl, Steyning, West Sussex

Steyning Bowl landscape photographs taken yesterday morning after a period of beautiful sunny spring weather. When I arrived, I took a quick shot of the South Downs of Truleigh Hill and Devils Dyke that can be seen from the brow of the bostal hill, overlooking Steyning.

One of my first images of Steyning Bowl taken a few years ago.

I’ve shot Steyning bowl a few times, and have struggled to get the right kind of compositions, but I’m really pleased with this selection. Steyning bowl was one of the first locations I shot when I started shooting landscapes professionally back in 2015.

This time, I thought I would move further down the hill into the bowl itself and shooting across the valley as the sun rose. I’ve learned some new techniques since 2015, such as avoiding sun flare in the lens (see image above), and simplifying my compositions, concentrating on key shapes and lines in the frame.

Steyning Bowl I, Steyning, West Sussex
Steyning Bowl II, Steyning, West Sussex

Zooming in and out slightly to tweak my composition was vital to get the final shot. I tend to experiment with different compositions whilst waiting for the light to change, and as I zoomed out slightly as the sun rose a little higher, the curve of the bottom shadow just added an extra leading curved line to add to the composition.

Steyning Bowl III, Steyning, West Sussex

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