Eastbourne Pier Landscape Photography

Eastbourne Pier III

Some landscape photography of Eastbourne Pier just before the end of October. The cloudy weather conditions meant that there was no strong sunrise, but having checked the tidal patterns beforehand, I was looking to get some shots of the pier at low tide. These slow shutter speed images create milky textures in the water and a 0.6 ND grad filter helps control the exposure in the top half of the shot, making the water below brighter and more attractive.

Eastbourne Pier I



Eastbourne Pier II


A lower angle shot draws more attention to the beach and pebbles. I haven’t quite done enough of these types of shoot to justify buying a wider angle lens, but one wold certainly help here. Every time I go on a shoot, there’s always another piece of kit I could buy!

Eastbourne Pier III

Moving slightly further along the coast, I wanted to change the angle of the pier and concentrate on the rhythm of the water and time the shot accordingly. The use of a polariser here helps bring out the colour of the sand and pebbles. This is my favourite shot, and it was achieved by opening up the aperture to F11 and the shutter speed was 2.5 seconds. I timed the shot to catch a wave retreating back to the sea to create leading lines towards the pier.


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