Glynde & Mount Caburn Landscape Photography

Glynde I

A walk up to the top of Mount Caburn for some landscape photography at sunrise of Glynde and the surrounding area near Lewes in East Sussex. I took these photos a few weeks ago at the beginning of December but have been so busy with other things I hadn’t had the chance to blog them. I wanted to do so now, as I do love shooting over the South Downs, and thought I’d represent it in this long lens shot of my camera set up over the view.


Camera and Tripod set up over Glynde Village from Mount Caburn, East Sussex
Glynde Village and Firle Beacon from Mount Caburn, East Sussex

The initial sunrise was blocked by clouds but I held out for a break in the weather and it didn’t disappoint! It was amazing how much the landscape changed once the sun bathed the village in light and above and below you can see before and after shots. I just love this small terrace of flint and stone houses in the village and thought it made a great subject amongst the busy landscape. You can even see a train go past in the image below!

Glynde Village from Mount Caburn, East Sussex
Windswept Hawthorns, Mount Caburn

On my way down the hill, I was struck by the simplicity of this landscape shot of Hawthorns on the side of the hill. They seemed to line up perfectly together to create this minimalist landscape photograph of one of the most common elements of the South Downs National Park, the windswept Hawthorns that dot the hills and fields of Sussex.

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