Truleigh Hill – Hawthorns and a Panoramic

Hawthorn at Dawn

Continuing to explore the area of the South Downs between Brighton & Steyning, I took a wander up Truleigh Hill, just along from Devils Dyke and the Fulking Escarpment.

I thought I’d try out my first Panoramic shot, as I haven’t stitched images together in a ,long time. Sadly, this image really lacks subject matter, but I liked the colour of the sky and had nothing to do until the sun came up at around 4.30am.

panorama truleigh hill

I also found a rather interesting old concrete foundation, and I couldn’t quite figure out whether it might have been for an old trough or an old shepherds hut. The pipe sticking out of the concrete intrigued me, and I thought it made for some key point of interest in an otherwise rather barren landscape.

Concrete foundation

Once the sun came up, it wasn’t at all what I expected, and didn’t fall on the landscape in the way I wanted it to. In fact, I couldn’t really find much in terms of subject matter from this particular spot, although there was a youth hostel and radio station on top which was pretty interesting. There wasn’t much for the portfolio on this shoot, but I liked how the light finally broke through and illuminated the hawthorns and the landscape to the west.

View of Steyning from Truleigh HillHawthorn Trees at Dawn


Hawthorn at Dawn

Hawthorn at dawn, Sussex 2015

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