Newhaven Breakwater Landscape Photography

Newhaven Breakwater I

Calm water in the English Channel and a blanket of light cloud on this morning at Newhaven for some landscape photography of the breakwater in the bay. Weather conditions are everything in landscapes, and really make or break a photo. I visited Seaford shortly after this shoot, but without the lighting I wanted, the shots just weren’t worth it. Anyway, I’m having difficulty choosing my favourite image out of these three. I don’t think I like the ship in the shot, but it does add an extra element to the image and I’ve had some fun recently adding human elements into my work. The image below is the first photograph I took shortly before the sun was dues to rise.

Newhaven Breakwater II, Newhaven, East Sussex
Newhaven Harbour, Newhaven, East Sussex

The clouds blocked the main sunrise, but for a minute or so a small burst of colour rose into the sky from the East. A dredging ship was coming into port at the time so it features in these other shots. I don’t want to photoshop it out, as that’s not really my style of photography but not sure I think it disturbing the minimalism of the shot, but I do like the colours in this shot…hmm… I get the feeling I’ll have to revisit this shot another time. I first visited Newhaven for a shoot a couple of years ago but it was raining so hard, I decided to just go home. Perhaps it will be third time lucky next time for landscape photographs of the breakwater in Newhaven on my next shoot.

Newhaven Breakwater I, Newhaven, East Sussex

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