Lewes Bonfire Night & Fireworks

Lewes Fireworks at Waterloo Bonfire Society Composite

A few landscape photographs taken around Lewes on it’s famous bonfire night on 5th November.

Sun Street at Night, Lewes

Night photography involves quite long exposures, but little need for filters like the ND or Polariser that features in most of my work. Sun Street (Above) was cleared of traffic and parked vehicles for the procession of the Guy Fawkes Night festival through the town. This shot was taken moments before the procession came through the street (below)

Bangers Being Set Off Outside The Swan Pub Southover Lewes Bonfire Night

In the Southover area, as another procession begins its preparations, society members set off bangers in the streets, creating an atmosphere that is difficult to capture on camera, you have to be there to experience the sounds as much as the sights!

From the slopes of Malling Hill to the east of Lewes, I’d set up for a view of the fireworks over the town. There wasn’t quite the view that I had in mind over the town as I wanted to somehow get the castle in the shot, but this wouldn’t have worked at all. The bonfire was immense and you can see some of the procession turning towards it in the foreground.


Lewes fireworks at Waterloo Bonfire Society – Composite

This was the view I had come for. The fireworks were amazing and I created this composite from a few different shots of different types.

Stars over the South Downs Lewes

On the way back over the downs (parking in town is impossible) the stars were incredible and a shutter of 30 seconds, combined with ISO 1600 and F2.8 was how I captured this shot.

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