Pevensey Castle Landscape Photography

Pevensey Castle III
Pevensey Castle I, Pevensey, East Sussex

Pevensey Castle landscape photography taken late on a February afternoon. I was surprised when arriving at Pevensey Castle at how much I felt I needed a wide angle lens to capture the whole castle! From various angles, the castle can look very different. These first two shots are of the same area but from different sides. The sunlight was so strong, it really highlighted the texture of the building and cast long shadows from the surrounding trees.

Pevensey Castle II, Pevensey, East Sussex
Pevensey Castle III, Pevensey, East Sussex

The reflections in the moat were difficult to capture as the water is very shallow. I wanted a photograph of the castle with it’s reflection in the moat, but without a wide angle lens, I instead turned my attention to the reflected turret in the water.

Pevensey Castle IV, Pevensey, East Sussex

The castle is very well preserved, considering it is almost 1000 years old. Here are the three turrets on the north side, with a fence around the moat. You can see marks on the walls where the water level has risen to previously, what a very different photograph it would be with the moat full!

Pevensey Castle V, Pevensey, East Sussex

My last shot was taken as the sun set against the castle, illuminating the brick work in a strong red colours. A heavy .9 Hard ND graduated filter helped balance out the exposure in the shadows in the foreground.

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