Rye Castle Landscape Photography

Rye Castle III
Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex

A little bit of landscape photography around Rye and the castle in the small town in East Sussex. I’ve visited Rye a few times as a tourist, on mini breaks and camping trips, and it is such a stunning historic village, one of the five ‘Cinque Ports’ along, what was a long time ago, the East Sussex coastline. Mermaid street is one fo the historic highlights, a narrow cobbled hill curving down to the river, leading up to Lamb House.

Rye Castle I, Rye, East Sussex

I created three studies of the Castle in Rye, the one above being quite a classic, postcard style composition to include the canons presented at the forefront of the building, looking out over the marshes towards the South.

Rye Castle II, Rye, East Sussex

Adjusting the composition slightly to concentrate on the sky as the background as it was such a windy day, I wanted to capture the clouds and some movement from them using the Big Stopper ND filter to increase exposure time and create dramatic lines from the clouds as they passed overhead.

Rye Castle III, Rye, East Sussex

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